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Welcome to the HRHelpCenter
Where you will find the answer to all your workplace problems.

Hundreds of tools, advice, and solutions for new and experienced HR Managers.  

  • Workplace tools such as sample forms, memos, checklists, business letters, and templates to help all managers.

  • Over 200 Job Descriptions; Or have one customized for no extra fee.

  • Define your company culture and create mission/vision statements with our help.

  • Enhance employee morale and create high job satisfaction for your employees.

  • Reduce employee turnover!

  • Create high performance work teams.

  • Effective performance appraisals and job performance measurements.

  • Communication and effective feedback.

  • Training your employees and supervisors.

  • Have all your Employment Law and OSHA questions answered.

  • Put an end to sticky notes, loose papers, and confusion and get organized HR Software Program.

This website will provide helpful information for a competitive edge, guidance for new businesses and both new and professional HR/Managers.

HR Software

Get organized!  Put an end to sticky notes, loose papers, messy desks, and frustration by using this user-friendly software program, designed especially for quick and easy use.  Keep track of your employees, their personal information, sick/vacation days, tardiness, benefits, background information, training levels and much more!  This system will help you in finding the information you need quickly and easily, with no frustration or mess.   

Job Descriptions

Find the job description for the job position you are looking for below.  If you are looking for a job description that does not exist on our list, please e-mail us and we will customize a description based on your needs and the Guide Form for not extra fee!

Our job descriptions are fully detailed and high satisfactory.  Each job description includes a full summary of the job position, the function that position plays within the organization, specific qualifications such as education, experience, education level, mental and physical ability, and work environment details.  

You will find that a high-quality, well-written job description can have many uses.  Not only will it be a great tool to avoid costly law suits, but it will also serve as a wonderful tool for hiring employees for that position and using it as a guide to perform job appraisals for your employees.     
Main reasons why your company should invest in job descriptions:
     *Attract the most qualified job applicants.
     *Great tool for the recruiting, hiring, and interview process.
     *Tool to compare employee performance based on job description.
     *Avoid costly law suits that may occur without a job description.

Account Executive
Account Manager
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Manager
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Manager
Bank Teller
Benefits Administrator
Billing Clerk
Branch Manager
Building Inspector
Bus Driver
Business Analyst
Business Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief of Police
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Childcare Teacher
Church Secretary
City Manager
Civil Engineer
Clinical Supervisor
Computer Engineer
Computer Operator
Computer Programmer
Computer Technician
Construction Project  
Construction Worker
Contract Administrator
Custodial Aide
Customer Service
Customer Service Manager
Data Analyst
Data Entry Clerk
Deputy Police Chief
Design Engineer
Environmental Scientist
Event Coordinator
Event Planner
Executive Secretary
Facility Manager
Finance Director
Financial Advisor
Financial Analyst
Financial Manager
Fire Chief
General Manager
Graphic Designer
Heavy Equipment Operator
Hotel Manager
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Director
Human Resource Analyst
Human Services Coordinator
Industrial Engineer
Insurance Engineer
IT Manager
Jail Manager
Job Description Pharmacy
Job Description Property 
Laboratory Technician
Law Clerk
Legal Secretary
Library Assistant
Library Director
Loan Officer
Mail Clerk
Maintenance Custodian
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Worker
Management Assistant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Materials Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Media Specialist
Medical Assistant
Mortgage Underwriter
Museum Aid
Office Assistant
Office Manager
Operations Manager
Parking Enforcer
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Manager
Personnel Assistant
Physician Assistant
Plant Manager
Police Department
     Administrative Assistant
Police Detective
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Preschool Teacher
Probation Manager
Product Manager
Production Supervisor
Program Manager
Programmer Analyst
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Manager
Quality Manager
Recreation Coordinator
Recreation Leader
Recreation Supervisor
Registered Nurse
Research Analyst
Restaurant Manager
Retail Sales Associate
Retail Store Manager
Safety Manager
Sales Associate
Sales Manager 
Sales Representative
School Counselor
School Nurse
Service Manager
Shop Foreman
Sound Technician
Special Project Engineer
Staff Accountant 
Substitute Teacher
System Analyst
Technical Writer
Training Manager
Training Specialist
Truck Driver
Utilities Technician
Utility Engineer
Volunteer Coordinator
Web Designer
Web Developer


Company Culture - Mission/Vision Statements

Your companies culture will affect many aspects of your business and employees.  Having a distinguished, defined company culture is a necessity for every organization.  It will create a unified atmosphere and allows each and every employee to have a better sense of their role within the organization.  Since employees are a companies most important asset, it is crucial for every manager to help in showing his/her employees the importance of their roles within the company.  Creating a mission/vision statement is a great way for the entire workforce to visualize and understand the long-term goals and dreams of the company.  We will help you create a successful company culture and guide you in creating a mission/vision statement.    


Creating Effective Work Teams

In recent years, organizations have been turning more and more to group strategies for making important work-related decisions.  The major advantage of group decision making is it offers increased knowledge and experience on which to base the decision.  We will guide you on how to form high-performance, effective work groups.  By learning more about team work and work groups, and with our help, you will be able to increase cooperation and manage conflict among team members.  We will provide you with useful information, helpful guides, and exercises to form effective groups that have group cohesiveness, communicate well with one another, and produce high-quality work.


Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

I/O psychologists have been involved in the measurement of employee satisfaction and stress, which may affect work performance and rates of absenteeism and turnover.  Social factors, particularly good interpersonal relationships among workers, are the most important determinants of productivity.  In other words, the happy worker is the productive worker.  Organizations have become more concerned about and responsive to the needs of the work force, because they have learned that employee job dissatisfaction can be linked to outcomes such as increased rates of absenteeism and turnover.  Numerous theories have attempted to explain why people work.  These theories have led I/O psychologists to develop methods to try to increase worker motivation and productivity.  Find out how you can increase your employee satisfaction and motivation


Measurement of Job Performance

Job performances of employees are measured often in work organizations.  This makes sense, since the success or failure of an organization depends on the performance of its employees. There are many ways to measure job performance.  We’ll guide you with sources and handout to perform a performance rating for your employees.  You will learn various types of job performance measurement techniques and methods.


Performance Appraisals & Effective Feedback

Performance appraisals are a great way to measure worker performance in comparison to certain predetermined standards. Since performance appraisals are tied to personnel actions such as promotions, raises, and demotions, they are carefully scrutinized in terms of fair employment legislation.  It is very important for organizations to understand this very well and avoid costly lawsuits.  The second part of measuring employees performance level is providing them with helpful information or performance feedbackFeedback is one of the most cost-effective ways that impact employee performance.  It is also considered among the most effective motivational tools in the workplace.  There are various crucial guidelines and information all managers should follow to be certain performance appraisals meet legal standards and performance feedbacks are effective and helpful.


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